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Teamwork is important at Genius Education Zambia for several reasons:

Improved Problem-Solving: By working together, staff members can pool their knowledge and experience to find solutions to problems that may be difficult to tackle alone. Increased Creativity: When staff members collaborate, they can generate new and innovative ideas that may not have been possible working alone. Shared Responsibility: When staff members work as a team, they share the responsibility of achieving the organization's goals, which can increase motivation and accountability. Better Communication: Effective teamwork requires clear and open communication, which can improve communication skills among staff members. Increased Efficiency: By working together, staff members can divide responsibilities, streamline processes, and reduce duplication of effort, leading to increased efficiency. Stronger Relationships: Working as a team can help build stronger relationships among staff members, which can lead to a more positive and supportive work environment. Overall, teamwork is important to the staff at Genius Education Zambia because it can improve problem-solving, increase creativity, foster shared responsibility, improve communication, increase efficiency, and build stronger relationships.

Meet Our Founders

Bupe Chikumbi

Founder/ Executive Director/CEO

Kabwe Yambayamba